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Article: The Dream Roll 2023: A Woman’s Motorcycle Paradise

The Dream Roll 2023: A Woman’s Motorcycle Paradise

Panhandle 4H Camp, Sheldon, Washington

“I don’t feel that there are strangers – just friends I haven’t met yet.” -Carver

Hidden In the Pines

There are few profound things in life that change you. Some of those can be a
marriage, becoming a parent, coming out to the world, moving across the globe, etc.
For some, one of those things is The Dream Roll. There is life before The Dream Roll
and there is life after The Dream Roll, and they are not the same thing.

From the moment womxn arrive, they are free. Free to be themselves, free to
fangirl over another womxn that inspires them, free to break-away from the weight of
everyday pressures of conformity, free to [literally] rip off their clothes, cleanse
themselves in the lake, and scream at the top of their lungs, “FUCK YES!!!!”

It is the epitome of our wild womxn archetypes and we are here for it.
Womxn from all over the continent ride, drive, fly in, for this “Moto Vacay” in the Upper
Northwest. Hidden in the pines, away from everyone.

“When you’re riding and the wind is rushing by you, you
wonder if you’re flying through time or if time is flying by you,
like a movie reel.”

One Rule

Motorcycling is historically a male-dominated space. To this day, only 20% of
riders are womxn. Thus, creating insecurities and comparisons that we can’t avoid or
live up to. At The Dream Roll, it all goes out the window. There are zero insecurities.
And if you rolled in with any, your heart and soul was blasted open within the first few
hours and it all melted away.

Here, womxn support womxn.
Here, we celebrate motorcycles and the womxn who ride them.
Here, as said by one attendee, “Everyone is everyone’s’ biggest fan.”

As the crew rolled in, there was every kind of bike, every kind of human. Women,
people who identify as womxn, people who identify somewhere in between, or as

neither at all. LGBTQ+, straight womxn, and the list goes on. One rule: No male-
identifying individuals.

No One Was Going to Fuck This Up

Halfway through the weekend, my party of three realized we hadn’t paid attention
to where our purses were, if the truck was locked, or if someone walked off with
merchandise from our pop-up store we ran on-site, or how we looked. It was safe.

Ahhh...”safe”, a word womxn know not of in most spaces. A word that perfectly
describes The Dream Roll. They all had our backs and we had theirs. The grounds
were free of trash, because everyone threw their shit in the trash cans like mature
humans, and the (shoutout) volunteers and workers took care of this sacred space like it was their home. No one was being assholes or trying to impress anyone by tearing up private property. No one was going to fuck this up for us.

Long-Lost Friends

Throughout the weekend, we mingled & danced the night away with people
we’ve admired and been inspired by for years. People like Jessica Haggett, founder of
The Litas & Hell Babes, based in Salt Lake City, Utah; A female powerhouse who, at a
young age, gathered womxn to take ownership of our space within the moto
community, at a global level. People like Jessica Sinclair, a trailblazer out of Los
Angeles who frequents month-long coast to coast trips on her motorcycle just to
fucking do it. People like Carver, the 2023 Dreamroll Mud Wrestling Champ(reclaiming
their title from previous years), Kim Okabe, the Community Director behind Hell Babes
& a founder of the inaugural Womens’ Moto Summit this year in BC, Canada, and CJ,
the winner of every single bike game at this years’ Dream Roll. Not to mention,
Lanakila, one of the original founders of The Dream Roll, who ran the entire show all
while being a new mom this year. The lineup is unreal and each person will treat you
like a long-lost friend. To quote Carver in their reflection of it, “I don’t feel that there are
strangers- just friends I haven’t met yet.”
A Woman’s Motorcycle Paradise
Our friend, travel partner, and local Twin Cities rider, Sam Moore, so eloquently
said, “When you’re riding and the wind is rushing by you, you wonder if you’re flying
through time or if time is flying by you, like a movie reel”. That, my friends, is exactly
how to describe being at The Dream Roll. Call it summer camp, call it a moto vacay,
call it what you want. It’s a slice of paradise.

Everywhere In Between
Now, we ride forward while keeping The Dream Roll experience alive. Keeping
womxn as our allies, not our competition. Cheering each other on in every aspect of
life. Keeping the good vibes of the weekend at the forefront of our moments on the
road and everywhere in between.

Special thanks to Indian Motorcycles for the demo bikes to rip on. Here’s what we
Emily: 2023 Sport Chief
Sam: 2023 Chief Bobber Dark Horse
Mallory: 2023 Chieftan Dark Horse
Photo credit: Samantha Ray (@sam.ray.m)

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