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Womxns Silver

Womxns Silver

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Sold outSterling & Turquoise Stacker
Sold outSterling & Turquoise Stacker
Sold outSterling & Turquoise Stacker
Sold outTurquoise Signet Size 6
Turquoise Signet Size 6 Sale price$130.00
Sold outLarge Turquoise Bolo
Large Turquoise Bolo Sale price$130.00
Sold outGold & Green Turquoise
Gold & Green Turquoise Sale price$199.00
Sterling & Turquoise Stacker
Yungai Turquoise Bolo
Yungai Turquoise Bolo Sale price$130.00
Wild Horse Mini Bolo
Wild Horse Mini Bolo Sale price$185.00
Wild Horse CuffWild Horse Cuff
Wild Horse Cuff Sale price$325.00
Turquoise Signet Size 6
Turquoise Signet Size 6 Sale price$135.00
Turquoise Floral Signet Size 7
Turquoise Feather StudsTurquoise Feather Studs
Turquoise Feather Studs Sale price$205.00
Turquoise Dice Signet - Size 7Turquoise Dice Signet - Size 7
Turquoise Dice Signet - Size 5.5Turquoise Dice Signet - Size 5.5
Turquoise Bolo
Turquoise Bolo Sale price$160.00
Turquoise Bolo
Turquoise Bolo Sale price$165.00
Sold outTigers Eye Bolo
Tigers Eye Bolo Sale price$160.00
Sold outThe Tucson Bolo
The Tucson Bolo Sale price$150.00
The Sierra Bolo
The Sierra Bolo Sale price$130.00
Sterling Pinky SignetSterling Pinky Signet
Sterling Pinky Signet Sale price$98.00
Sleeping Beauty Mini Bolo
Sleeping Beauty Mini Bolo Sale price$148.00
Sleeping Beauty CuffSleeping Beauty Cuff
Sleeping Beauty Cuff Sale price$210.00
Sold outSaguaro Pinky SignetSaguaro Pinky Signet
Saguaro Pinky Signet Sale price$125.00
Rhodonite Mini Bolo
Rhodonite Mini Bolo Sale price$128.00
Rainbow Yungai Turquoise Bolo
Sold outRainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone Sale price$135.00
Picture Jasper Bolo
Picture Jasper Bolo Sale price$210.00
Sold outOlive Green Mini Bolo
Olive Green Mini Bolo Sale price$150.00
Mourning Dove x Burnout SignetMourning Dove x Burnout Signet

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Shop's Open!

Shop's Open!

In May 2023, we opened our little shop! We are located in the mezzanine inside The Moto Collective in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, which we also call home.   We are usually there playing wi...

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